Step Into The Shoes Of A Bullfighter

Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Face A Mad Bull?

You don’t have to wonder anymore.  This bullfighter wore a camera to show you exactly what it looks like.

At about 2 minutes 20 seconds, the first bull comes out and you get a real feel for what it must be like to be standing there in the dirt waiting for the gate to fly open. These bullfighters know they hold the life of that cowboy in their hands. It’s up to them to jump in there and take the heat to protect that guy.

At 5:25 there’s some action but it all went pretty smoothly and again at 11:10.

At 14:10, just imagine that you are the one standing there as that big black bull turns your way.

Watch the video and let us know how much money it would take for you to want that job…


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