Tough Cowboys Have Big Hearts

This Cowboy Made a Big Difference

A lucky little boy with a tough life had the good fortune to be adopted by loving parents Charity and Brenton Robinson.  But life wasn’t easy because Lincoln still lived with extreme fear of strangers and a speech disorder.

So it makes you wonder what caused him to approach a total stranger sitting down the row when his parents took him and their other son, Tripp, to the rodeo.

As his mother snapped picture of the amazing sight, she didn’t know that the cowboy her son had approached was Jason Taylor, a local preacher.  One who obviously walks the talk!

She also didn’t know that they were about to form a bond that will probably last a lifetime.

In a world where we hear so much about the harm that is done to others, it’s nice to run across a story like this that shows there are good-hearted people doing good-hearted things too.






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