He Thought He Was Going To Die

This Guy Might Be A Bull Rider’s Best Friend

Dr Tandy, Ryan Dirteater Photo Credit: Linda Peterson
Dr Tandy, Ryan Dirteater Photo Credit: Linda Peterson

Brendon Clark had blood dripping from his mouth, evidence of the damage that had been done that almost took his life. Thankfully Dr Tandy Freeman was there to save his life. With damage to his liver, both lungs and those all too familiar broken ribs, it didn’t look good.

Clark, like many other cowboys, was put back together by the rodeo doctor who comes along for their ride.  Many of these guys probably wouldn’t be getting back up on a bull again if it wasn’t for him.

It was a re-ride on Black Smoke that will never be forgotten.

With his midsection crushed and blood dripping from his mouth, Brendon Clark turned toward Dr. Tandy Freeman.

Struggling to catch his breath, the Australian said simply, “Help me. I’m going to die.”

Nearly two years later, there are not many details Clark can recall from that rainy night in April of 2009, beyond the “terrible feeling” of not being able to breathe. The few things he does recall have to do with the man he matter-of-factly refers to as his “overseas dad.”

“The guy saved my life,” Clark said of Freeman. “That’s the reality.”

It was the second round of an event in Omaha, Neb., and Clark had drawn Black Smoke as a re-ride option after Kiss Off had failed to perform earlier in the night.

Watch the video and hear what the cowboys have to say about their long list of injuries and Dr Tandy…


Video Source: NBC News

Article Source: PBR

Dr Tandy Photo Credit: Linda Peterson



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