Dangerous Horse Rescue On Flooded Texas Ranch

Imagine Coming Home To Your Ranch Under Water

Ranch owner Will Barrett and his family came home to a scarey site.  Over 10 inches of rain had come down and 31 of his horses and ponies were gone, washed away by the flooding water.

They discovered later that the force of water had closed a gate, making it impossible for the horses to reach higher ground.

He and 2 sons, ages 12 and 14, set out to find them in the dangerously high water.

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The cowboys at Cross B Rodeo Company & Boys Ranch are proving what it means to be Texas Tough once again.

Owner Will Barrett says he and his family were away from town when severe weather blew through the Big Country on the weekend of May 8th-10th. When they arrived home at their ranch in Eastland, they were greeted with an unwelcome sight….

The family rode over a mile in up to four feet of water, but it was all worth it in the end.

All 31 ponies and horses were finally ushered onto higher ground thanks to the brave Barrett boys armed only with their roping and riding skills.

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